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The Best in Vehicle Air Conditioning, Electrical Work, & New Wheels

Whether you're looking to repair your vehicle or enhance its functionality, Affordable Auto has the service for you. From new car tires to electrical repairs, our mechanics can determine the problem and repair it right away.

A/C Systems

If your car is just too warm during the summer months, we can troubleshoot the problem. Many times, there is a leak within you're A/C system. We use quality leak-protection kits to fix it. We can also do a complete air conditioning change if needed.

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Electrical Work

When your vehicle not starting or you have an alternator or battery that won't keep a charge, we have the solution. We can run diagnostic tests to figure out exactly what is wrong. Our pros will then repair or replace parts to have your automobile back to normal.

New Tires

Take your car to the next level with new wheels. We will find out the size of the tire and use the brand you prefer. Our tire machine will then mount and balance rims from 14'' to 24''. We also can patch tires if needed.